Tuesday, June 21, 2011

my blog

i have always wanted to be a writer. i especially always wanted to write a book;p
i never knew what i would write about, but what seems to make people laugh, is when i talk about my normal everyday daily routine, my kids, our constant string of bad, but funny, bad luck, my in laws, and the people and situations i run into on a daily basis.
i do have a lot to say, and i have a lot of opinions. i am rather stubborn, and yet very open minded. i tend to find humor in almost everything. i believe its the only thing that keeps me sane.
i also like to try and learn something new each day, it does'nt have to be anything in particular, i just google the first thing that comes to mind.
i know you're probably sitting there, thinking, "i wish she would learn writing skills";p i do write on paper with a pen, quite well. i am a 1 finger typist and i do think i will someday learn typing, keyboarding, whatever. i also might have the time to learn all the punctuation keys, and have the time to do this. but for now, you'll hopefully be able to deal with this.
i was thinking of hiring a proofreader;p
i will always be keeping my opinions away from my blogs. (politics, things of that nature). the only opinions i plan to share, will be product reviews, kid stuff, retailers, food, and people in general.
i believe what i have to offer, will hopefully help people who different or similar views.
i will say that i do love my Country, and support our troops! i also firmly believe, that we need to figure something out soon and learn how to stick together, no matter how hard it gets.
i do want people to get along better, help each other in time of need, and i think we need to reach out in our communities to grow as a country.
that being said, i know there are those that know me, and if you'd like to discuss or argue politics, you know where to find me;p
back to my original point. yes, i am the queen of run on sentences, and thinking faster then i can type. welcome to my crazy, but ecstatically happy and content mind. i apologize since i do tend to drift off....
i also enjoy having such a hectic and busy schedule, and doing a million things at once.
i have always said that my life, family, daily events, would make a great sitcom. so, i believe that is what most of my blog will be about.


  1. Yes, I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Left leg. They have never been able to surgically correct the original injury.

  2. barbara,
    i also have the RSD in my left leg, and part of my right leg.
    my surgery was done on my left foot and ankle, and gradually spread to my entire leg. i was supposed to have my right foot and ankle done next, lol, but that will never happen;p ty very much for commenting! i hope to chat with you soon, i am not aware of many others like us. but im hoping with some networking, ill find some rsd buddies;p