Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ready to start?

ok;p  i believe i can figure this out!
a little about what i plan to do with my blogs, communities, websites, and facebook.
i am on a mission to help as many people as i can, learn how to save money with the use of coupons, mail in rebates, cash back, deals and freebies, using the internet as a tool for a fair income, including gift cards and cash, and helping other busy moms, and dads, have a much less stressful day;p
so, with that being said, i will soon be posting all of my links to my sites, blogs, facebook pages, and so on.
i hpe to be able to help you find recipes, plan menus, help you find the best sales of the week at your local drugstores, grocery stores, and online.
i also would love to help you find some cheap and fun ways to spend quality time with your children, whether it be staying at home, doing crafts, cooking, baking, or going to the park, shopping, the movies, wherever!
i am also going to rely on a lot of people to join  and contribute in any way you can! as i would like for this to be a community of families who will help each other out, network, help with advice on a variety of topics, post your best deals of the day or week, at your local stores, share recipes, funny family stories, and so on.
i also will be using this blog, as a way to get what really happens to me and my family on a daily basis, out there. mainly because i find my life, rather odd at times, strange, hilarious, sad at times, nornmally awkward, fun, and very off the wall;p
between my husband, my 4 kids, and myself, we have quite the crazy, nutty days! i often, throughout my life, thought that if a director were to see some of what goes on, he would beg to take our goofy mishaps, family dilemmas, strange in laws (hehe), and put it in a sitcom;p
im quite certain there are a lot of our type of family out there, so i would appreciate any funny, moving sweet, kind hearted, humorous stories you have to share!
we do have a seemingly long, long, long string of "bad" luck in our house, however, i enjoy the constant learning experiences, and the never dull lifestyle. i would never trade a part of my life with anybody, and im pretty sure my husband and children feel the same way.
we live by the saying, "there is always somebody worse off then you"
at times, it may not seem that is possible, but it always ends up being the truth.
we also live by the saying' " everything happens for a reason" i have an endless supply of examples for that quote as well.
oh, one more thing. i type with one finger, im a bit busy, and maybe at some point in the near future, i will decide learn how to type. but for now, you will have to let the punctuation slide with me, as i tend to not use much other then the occasional comma. (sometimes i think to many commas;p). i will try and make my posts as presentable for you as i can, but it takes me long enough to type the words with one finger. you cant really expect me to learn where all the punctuation keys are, can you?

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  1. i must apologize here, for i have just realized that i cannot edit after i post. hmmm sorry;p there are a few little issues with this one, but i cannot seem to find the "edit" button....