Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my breakdown friday

we recently had to replace a dryer, due to a lightning storm, and i should have figured then, that when it starts, it never sems to go away.
our life has always been this way, "bad luck", and it usually seems to happen in "threes".
if it isnt my husbands tractor (i normally refer to this as "the big truck", lol. since we also have a Ford F150, which i have to say, has treated us very well!), it is a roof, a household appliance, higher taxes, some sort of breakdown or anything that will almost completely drain us. i'm quite certain everybody has the same kind of luck;p
like i mentioned earlier, we recently had to replace a dryer, well and an air conditioner, and now a fridge. not to mention the rather large amount of deli meat and cheese and various fruits and vegetables i just, 2 days earlier, had stocked up on!
what a mess!
luckily, i was able to find a decent deal on a used whirlpool. same thing with the dryer, thank goodness!
i can deal with small dilemmas like this, especially when i think about how there is always somebody worse off. we should be grateful for our things, no matter how samll, or if they are pre owned. it definately could have been much worse.
actually, the enormous amount of work that i was not planning on, was worse then the actual breakdown. i had a pretty long to do list, and a baseball game to get to that night with my 7 year old.
but looking at the bright side of it all, lol, i did have a nice clean, replacement fridge, and had a reason to try and take down a ton pf drawings and coloring pages and clean all of the magnets! so, it was kind of a blessing.
it is running quite well, it came with a warranty, and it is stainless steel. my last one was just a regular old white one, and i believe i like this stainless steel;p

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