Wednesday, June 22, 2011

today is almost over

ok, i fell asleep for about an hour, but i am awake again, and anxious to get a few things finished up online.
but my 7 yr old, aaron, decided that he is wide awake and says, "i am not even close to being asleep!"
so, i will have him standing here next to me, reading every word of everything i do. hmmm. plus, he does not stop talking, not for a minute. there are times i just want some time alone, without any children around. as much as i love being able to watch them grow up and find their little ways around, i would love for just 30 minutes a day, without kids talking my ears off!
that is exactly what this whole day was like. this started at 6am with my youngest daughter. she is normally an early riser. then the baby is soon after, and then the day officially starts!
today i was waiting for the directv serviceman to show up with a Fathers day gift for my husband. they were running a real cool deal on hdtv programming and installation, and a free hdtv dvr, so i ordered one. i have been waiting on a deal on these for about 6 months. ( i refuse to pay full price for anything;p, and after the Fathers Day promotion, this ends up being completely free!)
of course i had my to do list finished for the day, and the "waiting on directv service" was first, and everything else was going to have to wait until he was here and gone.
when i made this appointment, i kept the rest of my schedule in mind. so i opted for the "somewhere between 8am and 12pm" ( but we all know this means, 11:59 am, lol)
i started cutting out my coupons, started a shopping list. yes, just 1 store today with the little ones! this was all stopped abruptly with mr climber. the only way to outlast him, is to strap him in high chair or walker, lol. we started breakfast and aaron woke up around that time. "aaron is making faces at me!", "MOM aaron has his tongue out", "mom! genevive is staring at me", had already started. this is unbelievably annoying, and why does this have to be a several time a minute, especially in the morning? when does this even end? then we start with the cereal boxes. if one wants Rice Krispies, the other says, "I want Rice Krispies! he/she is copying me!", " i said it first" , " I want the box in front of me, not her/him". AAAAAAHHHHH!!
please tell me this also happens at your house, so i don't feel so wierd lol.
so, finally they are all eating breakfast, deegan, (the baby), is throwing half of his on the floor, the other 2 are fighting, i'm trying to get my lists, and coupons done. i also want to get the days housework done, pay some bills, and most importantly, i have to get online!!
i have so much going on online, it's sometimes so overwhelming. but i really enjoy it, plus it is a decent supplement to my income. (which is needed very much). there are quite a few of the "earn gift cards with points" websites, that i am very active with, and i must say, i am impressed, and very thankful for these sites.
that is another thing i will be mentioning from time to time. i have been using these sites for a few years, and believe i have found the best ones. i earn enough gift cards to take care of school clothes, gifts, holidays, help with groceries, the once in a while need for pots and pans, coffeemakers, sheets, towels, candles, etc etc. so, it is an important part of my day, to get the online "work" done.
back to my morning;p
after breakfast, and some spills, messes, a very quick needed diaper change, and a dog eating crumbs from the floor, (thank God!), i realize the time, and that the serviceman still hasnt arrived.
i plan on charging my cell phone, and calling directv, but there are to many battles and messes, and of course, mr. climber. then the "MOM, genevive smacked me" and "mom, aaron is looking at me", starts again, well, with this day and age and the terribly annoying voice activated customer service calls, they usually end up disconnecting me. i have to literally go into the bathroom, lock the door, and call them again. well, this time, there was something wrong with their phone lines. lol, just my luck. so, i figure i will get the laundry done, the housework, and everything else, and just wait for him to show up.
now its after 12, we are starting lunch, he has yet to contact me, and i am getting pretty aggravated. i finally get a hold of somebody at directv, and they say, "oh well, he has been there several times, and has called you over and over agin" um, ok, well, i know that isnt true. at least he wasnt calling my number or knocking on my door. i dont have the time to argue, so i'm happy with the answer, "i'm very sorry. mrs.oliver. we will have him call you within the half hour". well, i thought, ok, even though i needed to get to the grocery store up the road, among other things. i figured i could still have a chance when he was done with the job.
by this time, our oldest gets home from work. she is a huge help with her brothers and sister. even though, she also likes to argue with them, and shes pretty messy herself! usually with leaving things lay around the house, and the bathroom is the worst! but all in all, she's trustworthy and a very good sitter.
i have a weekly schedule. we are very busy with errands, dr appts`, (the baby and i have some usually every week)and i also try to get at least 2 days a week, where bethany can keep the kids out of my hair for a few hours, (no, it doesnt always work out as well as i'd like it too;p), so that i can get online work done, and run a few errands by myself.
in turn, she gets to choose, (unless there are special dr appt days), which days she would like to have her free time.
alright, i get a decent amount of online work done. my goal was to answer several emails, play a few of the free card games on, (another fun site, as long as you are very careful!), write a few blogs, work on my website, work on my facebook pages, order from (they had an awesome promotion with 24% off everything and free shipping on orders of $50 or more), check out the sales on kmart, and i am in need of a few more gardening supplies. oh and check on my upromise account, online banking, and pay a few bills.
i did get a decent amount done, even with the constant little kids running in and out of the room, tattling on each other.
i am very content when i finsh an actual project, or a pretty big daily goal. so, i was pleased with the small amount of time i had, and what i had accomplished.
well, now it's 4pm, and still no knock, and no phone calls. i grabbed my cell and called them for the 4th time since noon. again, "i'm very sorry, mrs.oliver. we seem to keep missing you. he is calling you and you are not answering." well, no, i'm sorry, but he is not calling me, and he has yet to arrive.
bethany did mention at one point during the day that a blue truck was outside of the house, but it ended up, not being our directv guy.
well, he never called, and never knocked, and it is 3am;p
i'm pretty aggitated, as i really needed to get to the grocery store. not to mention, get to the market to pick up a few things for our garden that we have to finish. especially a fence! since we have families of bunnies, living throughout the yard!
i have a problem with feeling as though a day was wasted, when i can't get my "to do list" finished. it drives me crazy, and i have long lists for every single day, and i hate to have to add to it.
tommorrow especially will be crazy, because, i most definately must get the little ones to the grocery store, and we have to finish the garden. i'm certain that directv will call me in the morning to tell me to stay home between the hours of 8am and 3am, again, lol. i doubt it. i'm probably going to play phone tag with them again.......
oh, that's right, i didnt finish the whole day yet;p
well, after some arguing, corner sitting, and finally cleaning up their toys, i begged bethany to run up the road to Subway, for dinner. (thank God for Subway!!) however, our Subway is closing down. which is absolutely terrible to my family, and im sure, our whole community. the kids love their food, and i love them, because they are making my day a lot easier, by making my family their dinner lol. ( i often turn in points for Subway cards too! Subway also offers a points program, where you can earn free subs, chips, sodas, etc).
after dinner was the ever dreaded bathtime, and finally i had 2 out and 1 to go.
ps; aaron fell asleep very shortly after the 1st paragraph;p

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