Wednesday, June 15, 2011

oh no! i have a climber help..............

as some of you may already know, i am the proud mother of 4;p
bethany is 18, aaron is 7, genevive is 4, and our tiniest guy, deegan, is a new 1 yr old.
they each have their own little personalities, fears, imaginations, and goofy quirks.
deegan turned 1 on may 8th. he was born with club foot and a cleft lip, both rather mild, and almost completely repaired with a few surgeries.
the doctors said he may be a little later then normal with crawling, and walking, all due to his club foot. (he still wears his little boots and ponsetti bar at nighttime, but it would be hard to really notice he was born with club foot, unless you have already met him;p
so, we thought, oh that will be ok, we are blessed to have him, and enjoy his big smiles filled with dimples and sharp teeth! lol. he is a very sweet little man, but he is a huge handful!
he did start crawling a little later then "normal", but i still have not figured out what normal is. even though, his doctors were quite impressed with how fast he was getting around. i explained that he does have a few bigger siblings that he sees everyday, walking, jumping, running, and helping to teach him crawl. so, they still insisted that he will be maybe 6 months or more later then "normal" with his walking skills. he has not started walking yet, other then the walking alongside sofas and beds and cabinets.
what he has been wowing us with, are his spiderman skills! not to mention the falls, the constant panic attacks, and the every 30 seconds, running back and forth to get him down from the kitchen table and counters!
he will not stop climbing, and he will not give up! my mother always told me, " you have to outlast them, then they'll stop", um, it's getting very hard to outlast this tiny guy!
last night it took me about 30 minutes to fold a load of laundry. luckily my laundry room is the next room over from the kitchen. every piece i folded, i had to set down, hobble to the kitchen, lift deegan off the table or the chair, and carry him back to the laundry room. i set him on the floor, as he usually likes to help with the laundry, and that quick he was crawling right back over to the kitchen, to start climbing again!
this is really starting to do a number on my already bad ankles and feet, lol, however, i am pretty sure i walked off all of the calories from the new hersheys aerated chocolate bars i happen to come across yesterday! wow! those are amazing!
anyway, deegan takes kitchen chairs, walks behind them, and pushes them over to the kitchen counters, climbs onto the chair, and from there, the counters!
when he plays outside, he climbs on everything! plus, he is super fast! i am starting to wonder how long until he climbs the trees? or the side of the house? i have never had to go through this before, so i am hoping for any suggestions from any experienced moms or dads out there! please! it is so cute, but truly, the feeling of being on the verge of a heart attack all day, (with the exception of the possible nap, lol), is not a fun thing to go through.
last week for instance, he was outside with his dad and brothers and sisters. he was climbing up and down the porch, making me a nervous wreck everytime i looked out the window. everybody seemed to be having a good time and keeping close watches on deegan, so i took advantage of the free time and started some housework. (time without any kids, is extremely rare!!)
about 15 minutes later, i walked in the kitchen and noticed a tube of neosporin on the counter and some paper towels. i thought one of the kids must have scraped a knee, but i wanted to check to see who was injured.
well, of course it was spidey! he was climbing up and down the steps and fell and hit his little forehead on the sidewalk! i immediately started to cry when i saw his bump and scrape with the little dots of blood. i guess i overreact when it comes to my kids;p i seem to only realize that, after i startle or scare the kid involved.
right away i was trying to decide if he should take a trip to the er, or what i should do. it was a head injury so, i worried about all kinds of ridiculous things. i called my mom, and she just said to keep an eye on him for the next 24 hours, see if he starts to get sick, looks like he has a concussion, etc etc. so, thats what i did, and of course he is fine. he has a few little scabs on his head now, and  it doesn't seem to bother him at all.
i hope this is a normal thing, (moms overreacting over what later ends up being, tiny accidents) so, some input here would be appreciated as well!
i'm also guessing that, this nervousness isn't going anywhere anytime soon;p

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